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At Baselworld 2013 I found myself considering the newest version of the Chanel Premiere, the most attractive ladies watch we saw, when considered as a whole. That took into consideration design, utility, pedigree, story, and price. There are loads of lovely timepieces for women, but something about the Premiere felt good for this year. Having said that, it is important to mention that the Premiere is not a new watch. Chanel has designed a new bracelet for the timepiece this year, but the Premiere collection originally debuted in 1987. Its genesis involves a generous helping of luxury romance as only the French can imagine.

Jaquet Droz The Charming Bird Automaton Watch Sings And Dances Watch Releases

Steven Holtzman (SH): I am the founder of Maîtres du Temps and a watch enthusiast from early childhood.

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I've been thinking about these questions a lot, and they led me to further inquire about the types of people who don't just buy watches from small brands, but also the people who actually start them. You need to have a seriously high level of patience, dedication, and passion for design to actually go out there, defy the odds, and start your own watch brand. People do it many times a year, and here at aBlogtoWatch we get to hear from many of them. One such small brand born out of some mix of passion and dissatisfaction is Individual Design by Mr. Mark Carson from Hawaii.

The chronograph is a full 12 hour timer with disc-style counters that are really easy to read (given the overall look of the face). Yes, the dial is busy, but the design is very contemporary and international in its feel. It almost feels like an homage to modern cities as a whole. The mixture of symmetrical design elements along with little peeks into the mechanical movement are brilliant. While I might not want to wear a watch like this while trying to relax on an empty beach, the erratic design feels very sporty and purposeful - I like it. Kudos to the small, but important inclusion of the Aston Martin logo in a way that feels natural. People buy a watch like this because it is a Jaeger-LeCoultre, not as a car tie-in timepiece (even though certain design elements on the watch are meant to resemble elements form the Aston Martin Vanquish car).

While the 5004T is a strange Patek Philippe, it is nevertheless a very attractive watch. Its unusual nature will make it all that more desirable to collectors, and I anticipate an auction price of at least 700,000 Euros at the Only Watch auction in Monaco this September. UPDATE, with an auction estimate price of between 400,000 - 600,000 Euros, the Patek Philippe 5004T received 2,950,000 Euros at auction (about ,000,000).

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"Looking at FC's extensive collection and trying to choose one or two watches was extremely difficult! I wanted a woman's automatic, but I also wanted some complication or special display that I wasn't likely to acquire any other way (at least until I won another contest at aBlogtoWatch). In short, I could hardly wait to see which of my four very different watch choices Frédérique Constant would select for me. When the box arrived there was a tantalizing amount of packaging froufrou to wade through.

Around the bezel of the 35mm wide steel watch are diamonds for decoration. They aren't huge diamonds and there aren't a ton of them, but they are diamonds. I am not an expert on sub-,000 diamond timepieces, but I imagine this is about standard for the amount of diamonds you'd get. The design is unique that not all women can pull off, but then again a fashionable woman can pull off a lot of things (clothing wise) which men might find hard to believe.

Unlike the HYT H1, the H2 will be part of a limited edition of just 50 pieces. That may be for the entire series, or just this version in a DLC black-coated titanium case. At 48.8mm wide, the piece is large and in charge with very impressive stance and visuals. Retained of course is the green liquid hour indicator tube that uses bellows to push liquid over an hour scale. The bellows are now in a V-orientation as part of the symmetrical movement which also makes up the dial. Toward the 12 o'clock position is the dial-mounted balance wheel and to the right is a crown function selector (letting you know if the watch is in neutral, time setting, or winding mode).

The "Second of Happiness" (SoH) watch is currently just a concept, but it certainly could be made. It is the charming and clever brainchild of 21 year old French design student Mathilde Ampe. Ironically enough, the watch does not display the seconds. According to Mathilde, this is also her very first watch design.

The hands have applied lume, as do hour marker points on the periphery of the dial. We like all the applied elements such as the hour markers (that are both brushed and polished) as well as the visually distinct sub dials for the various other supporting features on the dial. Orient keeps the dial interesting without being too cluttered. There have been many missed design opportunities in Orient's past, and I think they are finally learning how to restrain themselves a bit - for the better. You get a lot of design in the Enforcer, just not too much of it.

A very interesting aspect of the Planet Ocean GMT is the size. Rather than produce the watch with one of the existing case sizes, Omega offers a new middle-size for the Seamaster Planet Ocean with the GMT. The standard Planet Ocean three-hand is available in a 42mm or a 45.5mm wide case. The Chronograph is available in the larger 45.5mm wide case. For 2013 the Plant Ocean GMT comes in a 43.5mm wide case, only in steel. It is more than likely that titanium and gold versions will soon follow. The mid-size is a good addition to the family.

Neither Casio nor its ProTrek (formerly Pathfinder) line of outdoor watches need any introduction. On aBlogtoWatch we've listed these timepieces as among the ultimate survival watches as well as some of the highest-value watches when it comes to bang for your buck. Casio continues to raise the bar with more features and designs each year. ProTrek watches should be a staple of any watch diet. Up for grabs is a Casio ProTrek PRG550 (specifically a PRG550-1A1). In a stealthy black case, this analog/digital ProTrek model has a Tough Solar movement, triple sensor array (compass, barometer, and altimeter), and a host of other features. Retail price is 0 and you can enter to win one below here on aBlogtoWatch.

Subsequently, each type of wood has an explanation and history ranging from being used for musical instruments to being native to Tasmania. This Jupiter watch is in Guaiaco wood by the way.

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Apart from these less obvious similarities, the connection between the rapper-producer-actor and the G-Shock brand actually has its roots set deep in other previous co-operations. In other words, as I pointed out earlier, the attentive fans do recognize the G-Shock on the wrist of their favorite star. He wore it in several music videos - such as Space Bound or I Need a Doctor in which he had an earlier iteration of the 6900 on - and also on special occasions like the 2010 Video Music Awards. The list could go on and on, but the point is that this is not an impromptu relation between brand and star.

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Devon Tread 1 Steampunk Watch Review

Devon Tread 1 Steampunk Watch Review

Timekeeping is managed by a Miyota 9015 automatic movement with both hacking and hand winding capabilities. We've seen dozens of watches with this movement and, not only is it a capable timekeeper, it's also much more cost effective than its Swiss counterpart, the increasingly expensive ETA 2824. The 9015 has 24 jewels, a rate of 28,800 vph and a power reserve of 42 hours. While the 9015 does support a date feature, the Regattare Tiki does not feature a date display, a design choice that keeps the dial layout as simple as possible and better suits the extra large numerals used for the main dial markings.

It’s arguable that when it comes to luxury watches, a vintage example is even more desirable – much as a vintage Jaguar will always trump the latest model when it comes to exuding taste and class when you pull up to your next Red Carpet affair.  The Cartier Tank is truly an icon of horological design, and while the layman might not notice that the piece your sporting is decades-old, you’ll know…and that’s half the appeal!


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I've got two sets of pictures for you here, and both are important. First are my hands-on pictures of a PROTOTYPE version of the Victory that has been around the block enough times. These are versions made before a full production and are typically not visually complete or with the right finishes. This prototype watch has a lot of things not finished with it that are done on the final piece, which is what the second set of pictures are of. Thanks to Bremont retailer The Watch Gallery UK, we have these sexy shmexy images of the all-done Victory watch complete with proper case details and that amazing case back and rotor.

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I recently discussed Urwerk's brand new UR-210 watch with their interesting new "winding efficiency indicator" complication. The idea of the new complication was to tell you if you were winding the movement enough, or if you needed to be more active. I quipped that it was a complication to remind you to get up off your butt and move around. More recently I got to get my hands on one of the first UR-210 pieces. My overall report is that with or without the new complication, this is one cool Urwerk.