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I would go so far as to say that the watch auction market is in a bubble. Existing auction houses are increasingly focused on timepieces, and many new auction houses are popping up hoping to attract horological collectors around the world. I talked about some of the major watch auction houses here on Forbes. There are so many timepiece-related auction houses and so many timepiece-themed auction events, it is, in my opinion, mostly unsustainable for the long run. Many of these events focus on just a few featured auction lots or highlight pieces that the organizers hope will attract major collectors; the rest of the auction lots are far less interesting pieces. Don't forget that rare and valuable timepieces are actually rare. It isn't common for there to be timepieces such as the Patek Philippe Supercomplication that go for ,000,000.

Watch brands know that in many instances they have one major shot to impress retailers and the press alike when it comes to presenting new products. If the environment is not right, then the conservative luxury industry merely waits on presenting major new products, and instead relies on new products which are mostly “line extensions.” That translates into watches which are really just new colors and minor updates to existing models. Timepieces with new movements, completely new collections, and more interesting models in many cases were excluded from those novelties officially presented at the “Salon.” What aBlogtoWatch’s team kept hearing over and over again was “we have a really major announcement later in the year.”

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Announced today, the Samsung Gear S smartwatch heralds in a few additional features and specs to the Korean electronic giant's quickly growing smartwatch collection of products. Samsung has taken a decidedly "un-Apple-like" approach to their development of smartwatches by releasing pretty much every iteration of their smartwatch products in fast succession, versus waiting and tweaking until they have what they feel is "just right." The approach has helped Samsung gain a lot of notoriety for being first in a lot of categories, but reviews and media response to their smartwatches are lukewarm at best in many instances.

There are a few reasons that became so popular. Among them are the fact that eBay makes it very cheap (and easy) to host an auction, and because people can bid on their own time using an automated system. Outside of eBay and its competitors is the traditional world of auction houses' fees and premiums - which vary from company to company. The basic idea is that when an auction house puts up something and it sells, they collect a fee from both the buyer and the seller. These fees are not unsubstantial.

Due to be released in February 2015, the film stars Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Caine, as the "agents from a super-secret British spy organization." The movie even features Nick English, co-founder of Bremont, making a cameo appearance as one of the Kingsman. For this occasion, Bremont has slightly modified its  ALT1-WT watch (reviewed here), making it available in three different color schemes, ranging from rose gold through stainless steel, to black DLC coated steel.

I had this Porsche Design P'6780 Diver watch for quite some time before reviewing it, and frankly, I needed to let it grow on me a bit. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of it, given its rather bulky size and the fact that I so wanted it to be the Eterna. Having said that, I think the time between getting it and actually writing the review was a positive. Why? Well, one reason is that I was able to compare it with so many other large dive watches I reviewed. In the end, the Porsche Design P'6780 Diver fared extremely well, and I gave it a lot of points for being so unique but not at all gimmicky.

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Like most other “new” watches for SIHH 2015, this Richard Mille RM 11 isn’t new – but the RM 11 is one of the most iconic pieces in the larger Richard Mille collection which has experienced countless executions over the years. So why is it on the list here for 2015? Well, for the first time, Richard Mille has added the option of a titanium bracelet for a men’s watch. 2015 actually sees two other Richard Mille watches for women with bracelets – though none are quite as impressive as that for the RM 11. Cool looking and comfortable, the RM 11 on the bracelet immediately feels like something which has been in the Richard Mille family for a while. Its mostly brushed surfaces are given delicate, polished beveled edges, and the clever spring-loaded deployant Richard Mille fans have enjoyed on the brand’s bracelets for a while.

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Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Tourbillon Vision

Niklas Bergenstjerna is a freelance graphic designer and watch lover based in the south of Sweden.

Vogard Business Officer Timezoner Watch Review

Vogard Business Officer Timezoner Watch Review

TOP 10 Watches Of SIHH 2015 ABTW Editors' Lists

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends November 7, 2014 ABTW Round-Ups

Elie Bernheim: I’m currently wearing the exclusive limited edition we’ve created to honor my grandfather, the Tribute to Mr Raymond Weil timepiece. It is very important for me to wear this watch as it has been designed to pay tribute to the man and his legacy.

Roshan Martin thankfully combined the very thin case with a nicely sized 43.5mm wide size that is both classic and modern. It should wear nicely with the curved lugs, but then again, at these prices, I doubt people are buying the Roshan Martin Légende Tourbillon for its ergonomic appeal.

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BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends February 13, 2015 ABTW Round-Ups

...Except for the A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst, in my opinion. That is Rose's one true aspirational watch. Even though the Zeitwerk itself comports with his values and personality, the highly limited edition model with its great artistic effort is not a timepiece meant to be worn on a regular basis. It is a precious piece of art not so subtly displayed over the the surface of a mechanically complex item, which marries the world of traditional watchmaking and modern culture in a way few other watches have been able to do.

Regardless of the tech, it's pretty hard to think of a De Bethune as a sport watch, which is likely equal parts due to the other-worldly design and the eye-watering ,000 (69, 500 CHF) asking price. De Bethune watches are, and will continue to be, dream-like items for me. With the De Bethune DB28 GS, I guess I have simply traded my dream yacht for a speed boat or perhaps a day of heli-skiing in the alps – either way, it seems the GS will keep up just fine.

Winner Announced: Tudor Heritage Chrono 70330N Giveaway Sponsored By TrueFacet

Winner Announced: Tudor Heritage Chrono 70330N Giveaway Sponsored By TrueFacet

The Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 Robert Filliou is a watch Grebuel Forsey created for a special exhibit in Paris honoring Filliou and his work. Given the usual price point of watches in this series – which is at around .5 million – one has to wonder how crazed about fine watchmaking and monsieur Filliou's work one has to be to pick this watch up. Anyhow, it is always great to see Greubel Forsey try themselves at such new and bold things – although I for one am looking forward to seeing them come up once again with something new that concentrated more on the art that fine watchmaking is all by itself – without something else being blended into the mix.

Ernst Benz Chronoracer Sport Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

Ernst Benz Chronoracer Sport Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

While that is by no means thin by normal watch standards, the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic PAM572 is among the very few properly thin Panerais available today, and this 2013 re-release, with a more restrained dial design, tries to make the most of this feat. In other words, the PAM572 is among Panerai's best bets to offer something to people looking for a watch that is unmistakably Panerai but is thin and restrained enough to also work great with a suit and tie. In 2013, they debuted the collection with the PAM512 (steel) and PAM513 (red gold), a reference that had a very plain dial and a more conservative 42mm-wide case.

Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic PAM572 Watch And New In-House P.4000 Movement Hands-On Hands-On
Lef: The 42mm Wide PAM512, The First Radiomir 1940 From 2013. Right: The 45mm Wide PAM572, The New-For-2014 Model With The New P.4000 Movement

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The movement is tucked away deep inside the case, and what a case it is. It's a beast. It makes my Marathon TSAR look dainty, like it's a cooling tower from a nuclear power plant. It's thick and tall, with vertical sides for emphasis. Short, steeply-angled lugs curve it nicely, however, to my 7” wrist. PVD coating tones down the Industrial Age presence, but there are three other variations if one wants something bolder.

Congrats to David M. from Jacksonville, Florida, USA, who is the lucky winner of the Tudor Heritage Chrono 70330N  watch that we gave away on aBlogtoWatch last month, sponsored by TrueFacet. Thanks again to everyone who entered, and please enter our current giveaway for a chance to win a Seah Astronomer watch on aBlogtoWatch here.

Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Watch With Fusee And Chain Hands-On

Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Watch With Fusee And Chain Hands-On

De Bethune DB28 GS 'Grand Sport' Watch Hands-On Hands-On De Bethune DB28 GS 'Grand Sport' Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Nomos is perhaps most famous for its Bauhaus style dress watches. However, last year at Baselworld, the German watch brand announced the Ahoi – their first sports watch. This year, apart from announcing their new Metro watch with in-house Spring System escapement, they also released a new model called the Ahoi Atlantik that has a very handsome (in my books) deep blue gilt dial. I think this is the best-looking Ahoi sports watch yet and you can see why by hitting the link below.

I do have to mention the crown. I think this is one instance in which common sense was mugged by design. I understand why it's a funny little rounded rectangle thing, I really do. It's totally in keeping with the shape of the case, but manipulating that odd little knob is frustrating. Crowns are round for a very good reason. Strip design ruthlessly to it's basic functionality and stop there.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Panerai
>Model: Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM328
>Price: ,100
>Size: 44mm
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Panerai guy who wants an even chunkier wearing timepiece.
>Best characteristic of watch: Good looking timepiece that with a bracelet makes the core Panerai aesthetic feel a bit more modern.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Quite heavy overall which can be an issue if you don't get a very precise fit on your wrist. Rather pricey.

My First Grail Watch: Chris Vail

My First Grail Watch: Chris Vail