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The case is 200 meters watch resistant that Raymond Weil is apparently very proud of. This is ultra standard for more timepieces of this type, but they feel as though the watch is "exceptionally resilient and water-resistant." I am starting to think that if the person who wrote this was a woman and was on a date, it would go really well for the guy. Really, no matter what he was like, she would flatter him and bolster what attributes he had.  There would be a lot of "you are exceptionally handsome, and I am not at all resilient to your charms," being thrown around by her.


The watch is a return to the standard three-hand look the collection is popular for, though the subsidiary seconds Grande Date model was pretty kick-ass. The dial is an olive drab green color, with a closely matching green rubber strap. There is also a brand new style of steel bracelet available with a diver's extension. Tag Heuer puts the watch in a 41mm wide steel case with black coated titanium carbide metal (not plastic) rotating diver's style bezel. The mixture of green, steel tone, black, and white make for a very masculine and functional design. The military look of the watch is done on purpose and is a welcome new character for the collection. The Formula 1 date is back as Tag Heuer's entry level work-horse watch. Inside of the 200 meters water resistance case is a Swiss quartz movement.


The Portuguese Yacht Club watch comes in two steel versions and one in rose gold. The steel versions have a white or slate colored dial, while the rose gold version comes in slate. The little details all over as well as the movement decoration engraving on the crown, and of course the sporty style are things that will appeal to most every fan of IWC Portuguese watch as well as newcomers to the collection. Really a hit for SIHH 2010, I see this as being a new long standing addition to the collection. Maybe they will have one with a metal bracelet in the future. That will be interesting. Price is ,600 in steel and ,100 in rose gold. Available now or really soon.

Pierre DeRoche SplitRock Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Hermes Clipper Automatic Chronograph Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

4. Repeated over and over, "I can't believe they are buying it. I can't believe they are buying it..."

It isn't my favorite watch, but it is fun to see in action, although I wish that the gears moved a bit faster. Can't the external gear system have been part of the seconds hand, and not the hour indicator? Oh well. The Maurice Lacroix Regulator Roue Carree watch will be limited to just 99 pieces, and I have a feeling will cost significantly more than I would want to pay give its designer status and coming with an in-house movement.

Hublot Depeche Mode Album Cover Watches Sales & Auctions


Bvlgari, err... Bulgari always looks better in all caps right? While I have been seeing lots of confused designs from Bulgari as of late, this Diagono X-Pro is something I am not at all confused about liking (which is to say that I do like it). The cool masculine watch takes a few lessons from the polished looks of the Bulgari design play book, and adds a testosterone powered stamp of approval on it. When it comes down to it, while this is a great watch in and of itself, it feels like Bulgari's answer to the Hublot Big Bang. Not only in design, but also when it comes to the "fusion" of materials. Bulgari knows that with its performance over the last few years and the current economy, it can't dick around. It needs to give people what they want - which is apparently still luxury sport watches.

Bremont pairs the U-2 watch with its calf leather strap and a NATO style fabric strap. They did a nice job with the buckle - nice elegant look that feels to thematically match the case lug design (at least to me). This buckle is in polished steel while the case is black. Again, this is a prototype watch - so I am not sure the exact buckle that will be on the final pieces. There will be at least 150 of these watches available to the general public. As well as another version that is toned down a bit (no DLC as well) that should be less expensive, and more widely available. Price for a model like this should be in the ,000 range. A great limited edition timepiece with a design that won't  disappoint, function that won't fail you, and story that is fun to tell.

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Christopher Ward C600 Tri-Tech Elite Diver Watch Review

Christopher Ward C600 Tri-Tech Elite Diver Watch Review

IWC was obviously on my radar before the results of that poll, but it was a fascinating look into the perception of (mostly American) luxury blog readers. One of your fellow aBlogtoRead.com readers recently commented on an IWC related article that IWC watches are well-made, nicely designed, but over-priced. A quick response via another fellow reader indicated a wise observation. If a brand is doing well, selling its products, and experiencing high demand, the amount it asks for its products isn’t too high — especially if it is getting that amount. That sort of halted the topic, and I thought it was a good message about the luxury industry overall. Luxury goods are easy to attack. It is easy to complain about price, image, and snobbiness. What is more impressive is when luxury brands are defended. Such conduct shows that the price, image, and possible snobbiness don’t actually result in bad sentiment - in that particular case. I’m making a general statement about the luxury industry and many different types of products, but in the context of IWC, it interesting to see fans ‘ring in’ to communicate their own personal high-view of the brand and what they sell.

While the pictured version is in brushed steel, there will also be a PVD black version of the Bathys Bomb Timer watch available. The main time dial will be coated entirely in SuperLumiNova, as well as the tip of the seconds hand. The large subsidiary seconds hand is 17mm tall. The overall look of the Bomb Timer is both simple and unique, with a straight forward appeal that requires no explanation. Bathys, as a small independent watch brand, has again designed a good looking watch suitable for mass appeal. Price of the Bomb Timer will be about ,800 when it is available early 2011. I certainly am looking forward to it.

Bathys Bomb Timer Watch Hands-On Hands-On
Bathys Hawaii Benthic Rose Gold Bezel and Silver PVD Case
Time Remaining: 28d 1h 3m
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The movement is one of the most respected measures of quality for watches. The Khaki Pilot runs on an the Swiss, 25 jewel, 2836-2 calibre made by ETA. The 2836 offers a hack function, which stops the seconds hand while the crown is pulled to the time-setting position. While this is quite common in today's automatic movements, it was once an important technological advancement for pilots, as it made the important task of synchronizing watches possible. I still find this feature useful when setting my watch to the Weather Channel's time in order to be in sync with the train schedule. Geeky, I know.

Zenith El Primero Foudroyante Chronograph 1/1O Second Watch Watch Releases

All the titanium in the watch makes it lighter than it would be if it was all steel or gold. So it isn't that heavy, and it is pretty comfy to wear. The alligator strap is done in an interesting way. It is actually coated with vulcanized rubber. That way it is more durable, but has the signature reptile look to it. Also, it has a neat technical flavor that goes with the watch itself. It is connected below with a largish folding butterfly clasp. The deployment clasp has a good looking design, and secures perfectly, but seems to look a bit like it is going to open up. It doesn't at all, but something about the design could be refined a bit to give it a more compact look. Just another quirk the watch has, but honestly these quirks help give it character, and I don't think they will bar people otherwise interesting in the pieces from getting one.

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Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches For 2010

Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches For 2010

At 40mm wide, the watches come in a few case styles, most of which being in 18k rose or white gold (platinum also available). There are also a number of dial options available (like 3 or 4 of them). Over time the watch has changed a lot. Some of the more recent models even have different, non ETA base movements. The movements are all modified in-house by CVDK. Check out those cool casebacks? Benzinger in Germany does all the engraving work on them, and makes them look very old-world hip. I always love it when Benzinger's shop lends its talent to any project. Sapphire crystal on the top and bottom of the watch (of course), and they are matched to an alligator strap.

Daniel Strom "Agonium" Memento Mori, Carpe Diem Watch: Most Expensive Goth Garb Ever? Watch Releases

Is this a personal watch of Matthew Fox, or just something that a wardrobe person in the show picked out? Likely the latter, but the reason this watch from the 1990s was picked for his character will remain a mystery. The funny thing is, that someone else out there may very well have had this same question and answered it online already. I was so interested in personally solving this riddle, that I never even bothered to Google "Jack Shephard's watch on Lost." Part of this was about being able to find the answer for myself. Though hopefully I am doing a small service to watch and Lost lovers out there.

OK, so enough about the making of the book, is it worth checking out? That is a good question, because it isn’t exactly cheap. While you get a beautiful, useful, and heavy tome, the IWC history book costs about 250 Swiss Francs. To be honest I was skeptical at first. It is easy to put in a ton of pictures, and dress up text with glossy pages and a fancy publishing job. That isn’t the case here. What impressed me most about the book was the organization. Each major watch collection has its own section. So let’s say you are interested in the Aquatimer. IWC dive watches have an entire section complete with history, technology, and a review of many models — both modern and historic. It gives people a way to feel much more connected to watches they may have, as well as learn about potential collections they are interested in.

Porsche Design P'6780 Diver Watch Is Hand-Me-Down Eterna Watch Releases

The "Max Bill watch" as it is known is one of the 20th Century's most famous watch designs. Clearly conceived by designer and architect Max Bill in Switzerland, the watch was a staple of goodness back when it was originally made in the 1960s. Since then you could buy versions of the watch in its pure form as made by German Junghans (who has many of their movements made by Seiko). For 2010 Junghans offers up a more modern, but still retro version of this retro classic. There are three versions of the watches and most exciting is their more modern dimensions (save for the still small manually wound version).

Louis Chevrolet Driver 1911 Watch Watch Releases

Hublot’s building is quite literally the shape of a box. Square and black, it feels like a suitable, complimentary look to house the brand’s activity. The Hublot’s black box is surrounded by green. There is very little industrial about farmland. Forget that most of Switzerland feels like farmland. I am reminded by the Robin William’s movie, Toys. If you recall the movie, you’ll know what I mean.

He describes a world where new watchmakers have a series of role models that they wish to emulate or reach. There are in fact a series of “celebrity” watch makers in the industry. This is why so many brands are named for the people behind them. The reality, is that like aspiring actors in Los Angeles, only a few really make it. John helps find the best ones, and trust me that he has them knocking on his door - which is good for him, because he loves promising new comers. What advice can I give to new watch makers based on what I learned from Mr. Simonian? Well, I would say that at the least, you need to be charismatic and be able to sell yourself. Understand what consumers want, as well as have the ability to be flexible. Most important? Don’t be stupid. I ask John what annoys him with the watch industry and the response is applicable to any industry. Humorous, it is sadly predictable how often the biggest annoyance is stupid people. They really ruin the party for everyone.