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Purely mechanical, luxurious, and actually fun, who is the Otturatore watch good for? Well for one you'll need to muster up the roughly ,000 it costs to purchase one. After checking off that requirement you should also be the type of person who wants a well-designed, but highly unorthodox timepiece. This isn't a watch for those looking for something too "familiar." Last, you'll need to be the sort of chap who is more than happy to demonstrate and discuss their watch with friends as well as near strangers. Just because I can't get enough of it, I am going to say it one more time "Otturatore!" Gotta practice those rolling Rs...

44.0 mm in diameter

The 7751 has two main quirks in my opinion. First is the peripheral date hand. The movement uses the entire dial with a special hand as the date indicator. This makes the date hard to read and adds an additional large hand that you don't want getting in the way of more important things like the hour and minute hands. In fact, I personally don't really like date dials versus windows at all. When using the 7751 you need to take this into consideration and do your best with what you have. Ernst Benz did their best. The hand is as thin as it can be with only a red crescent being conspicuous at the top of the hand. This moon-like bowl cups the date marker which Ernst Benz thankfully leaves as fully written out Arabic numerals on the dial. On a large dial like this, the Chonolunar Officer offers as much legibility as possible when it comes to reading the date.

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These two platinum Royal Oak watches are pure Audemars Piguet DNA, and purely for enthusiasts. With just 40 pieces in each model (a low limited edition piece set for Audemars Piguet), it will be interesting to see the value these watches have in a decade or so.

Jaquet Droz “The Writer” Automata: Awesome Antique Android

Jaquet Droz “The Writer” Automata: Awesome Antique Android

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