Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Patek Philippe Complications

Alright, soapbox mode is now disengaged. For these particular models, Zenith has gone with methods of decorating the back of the watch that mirror and complement the complexity of the movement housed within. Over the past year, some finer methods we've not seen in watchmaking have been making a comeback in the luxury realm, turning the watches (commonly the dial) into miniature paintings.

What Girard-Perregaux did with the freedom such manufacturing capabilities offer was tackle one of the greatest challenges of watchmaking: ensuring that the escapement of the watch remains independent from the state of the mainspring barrel. What this means in practice is that as the mainspring winds down its torque declines, causing discrepancies in the rate of the watch. Girard-Perregaux's answer to that takes shape in a large oval frame with two blades running through it, all crafted from silicon.

I was unprepared for the heat of the Texan sun. Our day began with a tour of Possum Kingdom lake aboard a party-style pontoon boat helmed by one Captain Mike. Captain Mike was a peculiar sort for a sailor, at times deeply aware of his surroundings while at others he seemed in a daze that left us wondering if we should be keeping closer watch on the boat's well-stocked cooler. After an uneventful tour of the lake we came to pass Hell's Gates, a pair of 100-foot cliffs created by a jetty on the edge of the lake and a matched formation borne of a small island. The inside of the small bay formed by the gates is host to the Texas stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Tour, a world wide event that pits gravity against a small group of men and women as they hurl themselves from great heights under the banner of an Austrian energy drink with a Thai history and the promise of some much-needed wings.

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Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

For those of you who are in the Chicagoland area and are interested in attending, you can get in touch with the organizers at this email address. They do control the membership notification list a little bit, just so they can protect the watch collections showing up (to actually join up, though, it is pretty simple - just an email asking to be on the list).  For the Commonwealth Crew, the notices are sent out a few weeks before the upcoming meeting, and then the final details for where and when hit about a week or so prior. I am really glad I was able to get to the July meeting, and hopefully will be a fairly regular attendee, with the next occasion coming up in early August.

Tissot 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 Limited Edition Watches

Tissot 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 Limited Edition Watches

It has been my experience that Bremont always uses a great amount of luminant on their dials, which makes darkness viewing pretty easy. The most significant change to the dial is the addition of a GMT hand, which adds a second timezone. Travelers love GMT watches, and I have to admit that I find them pretty handy. Really nice GMT dive watches are less common than you might think, and if you like the brawny looks of a dive watch with the added functionality of a GMT hand, the Bremont Terra Nova is likely something that you'll be closely looking at.

Cigars, watches, shaving cream? You will find them all at Arizona Fine Time in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale, Arizona. They do business globally and locally as "Cigar King," "Arizona Fine Time," and "Shaving Creams" online, via phone orders, and in their literally brick and mortar store. Mitchell Hirsh opened the store as Cigar King in 1994 and expanded into selling watches in 1996.

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Patek Philippe Gondolo

No matter your opinions or feelings towards quartz watches, there can be no denying that when it comes to accuracy and precision, quartz watches often do it better than mechanical ones. The Bulova Precisionist Champlain Chronograph is one such watch and it is a chronograph that can measure up to 1/1000th of a second.

Arnold & Son Royal TES Tourbillon With A Sapphire Twist Watch Releases

So what is the Meisterstuck Heritage collection? Quite simply it is a focus on what elements to incorporate into a Montblanc watch to tie it in with its heritage as a writing instrument maker. "Meisterstuck" is the name of the brand's famous and historic pen collection. It has been applied to watches before, but the Meisterstuck Heritage collection is a new family of watches with a look that... well a look that honestly looks a lot like a baby Jaeger-LeCoultre. Now there is nothing at all wrong with that, and it makes sense given Lambert's history. It also means that in a sense that is his vision for at least a lot of what Montblanc should offer - at least in the mid-range. The complicated part is that Montblanc still offers both entry-level and very high-end items from their Villeret collection. A timepiece like the Meisterstuck Heritage Perpetual Calendar - given its theme and movement - creates a brand new niche for itself in the brand.

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Longiness Saint Imier

The aBlogtoWatch team will once again attend the invitation-only event in Switzerland to bring you lots of hands-on coverage and video of the latest and greatest watches for 2014. We once again invite you to follow us, as we meet with your favorite watch makers and share coverage both here on the aBlogtoWatch website as well as on the aBlogtoWatch Facebook page, Instagram feed, as well as our YouTube channel. You can also check out SIHH 2014 tagged content on aBlogtoWatch, as well as all current and historic SIHH-related content tagged here.

Alpina Alpiner GMT 4 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Please be mindful of the fact that not all ,000 watches are created equally. At the ,000 - ,000 range you see this fact even more as watches in this range tend to wildly range in the features and materials they offer. ,000 can get you a solid gold watch from one make or another brands' entry-level steel watch. One isn't necessarily better than the other and one needs to take a closer look at the overall features, movement, and personality of the brand. There is a tool I developed some time ago that I call the "Rolex Submariner test" (that I further explained here). It is a way of measuring the relative industry value of a watch based on a gold standard (the Rolex Submariner).

Replica Tudor Pelagos Watches

4. The Real Story Behind The Bremont Wright Flyer In-House Made BWC/01 "London" Watch Movement

This sapphire bridge not only secures the mainspring and the center wheel, but also lends a "floating" look to the movement. Having handled a few pieces from other brands with sapphire elements in their movements (like the Ulysse Nardin 4-Gong Sapphire Tourbillon or the Maitres du Temps Chapter One Round transparence), the real treat of this scarcely used component is that unless it reflects some direct light source, it tends to become practically invisible, genuinely fooling the observers' eyes into seeing the movement's parts as if they were floating weightlessly.

Armin Strom has set a stride over the last few years with a core theme that seems to work for them. I use the term "contemporary" to describe their timepieces because while they are modern, they aren't futuristic, nor are they at all retro in their execution. I personally find it refreshing to find companies able to make watches that in my opinion very much fit in with "today" as opposed to the past or future. Speaking of today, right now I'd like to check out the Armin Strom Gravity Fire ref. RG12-GF.90 watch.

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Replica Breitling Galactic

Now, in late 2013 Chanel adds a new character to the J12 collection with the J12 Moonphase. The added moon phase complication is being debuted in a range of models that span from a classic white J12, to a Chromatic model, and even a totally jewel encrusted limited edition model (actually two of them). Though for now, the J12 Moonphase will be available exclusively in the 38mm wide size. Let's take a look at the new J12 Moonphase which offers a bit more than just a new complication.

There isn't any point just reiterating what we said last year about the Breguet 7727 once again. Though our pictures are better this time around. It is interesting on a personal level to see how my photography continues to improve as I test new equipment and techniques to take pictures of watches. In a studio setting it can be tricky to capture watches properly, but at trade shows where time, lighting, and space are limited, I take it as a real triumph when things go well. At the same time, we keep learning and investing in new things to perfect the process. We feel that sharing with people, a life-like vision of the watches they want to see, is important. Artsy images are great, but for us it is important to convey a real sense of what watches look like in the real world to the aBlogtoWatch audience.

In our two-part manufacture visit article, I had plenty of space to elaborate on what makes Parmigiani unique, but if I had to summarize it in just a few words, I would say it is the fact that they have as complex a system of manufacture as just about any of the big names in the industry, while remaining a niche brand, producing less than 6,000 really high-quality watches per year. Consequently, Parmigiani's charm is in that it is not the go-to brand to any newcomer watch enthusiast. Conversely, it takes some time to become acquainted with it and to understand the importance and potential of a vertically integrated manufacture, as well as what and how much that adds to the value of a watch. With the Tonda Metro collection, Parmigiani wants to diversify its current portfolio with a new line of watches that speaks for a wider range of potential customers, by offering a less stringent design language at a more affordable price - compared to its other Tonda, Kalpa or Pershing pieces, that is.

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Replica Panerai

The watch itself, on the other hand, is a relatively heavy one, coming in at 6.1 oz. This, combined with the 48mm case (stainless steel) made for a watch that wasn't the most comfortable to wear, at least on my 7.25" wrist. Once I got a little more used to the heft, it worked well enough in daily wear, though it wasn't nearly as unobtrusive as some of the heavier divers I've gotten accustomed to. I think this is due primarily to the case size.

Pebble has four pushers, one on the left side and three on the right. Top and bottom right are up/down, or other actions as noted on-screen (call answer/hangup, FF and REW for the music player) and center right is an action or select button. Top left is a BACK button. The menu structure is very easy to use, and the whole experience feels very consistent and friendly. The only time you press a button and aren’t sure what the result will be is when cycling through watch faces which can be done using all buttons except the center right action button.

Features & Uses

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 156: Touch That Tissot HourTime Show

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Panerai Radiomir 1940 watches

Blancpain Villeret Quantieme Perpetuel 8 Jours Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Jacques Fournier: It would be totally exclusive, maybe only one piece in existence. It would be ultra high-tech and be very light weight. I would not ever want to take it off my wrist: I imagine it as the perfect fashion accessory for men. Functionally it would be uncomplicated and highly reliable. You would be able to wear it for brutal sports, space tourism, or eating out without feeling it is inappropriate. You could combine the colors yourself to make it totally your own, and simply. It will not need any maintenance, not wear out, and never fail. I am sure you can figure our why it would appeal to me...

John Patterson doesn't neatly fit the profile of someone who would go to the effort to make an atomic clock-based wristwatch. While he is technically a scientist, he is equally a recluse and an iconoclast. For the last many years he has lived on the isolated Hawaiian island of Kauai. In the 2000s he began a watch brand called Bathys, which quickly gained popularity offering a slick Hawaiian surfer-style dive watch in a big case. It hit its high-point in 2008 or so until a range of factors sent the brand into relative silence due to everything from the poor economy or Patterson's own personal life.

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Replica Longiness Les Elgantes

This year Ulysse Nardin changes the name of its Freak Diavolo watch to the "Freak Phantom." I can't say why that is, but I suspect it has to do with conservative types who take issue with the fact that a watch is called "devil." That is the watch industry for you... What else has changed? Well the Diavolo was previously offered only in 18k white gold, and now we have it in 18k rose gold. Still probably one of the coolest tourbillon watches available when you want something that's not standard fare.

1. Explaining What's Wrong With The Watch Industry In 2014 BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends July 4, 2014 ABTW Round-Ups

Sure when you think of Silicon Valley, what immediately comes to mind is the unsurpassed tradition of electronics and software innovation and we love that as well. The majority of the guys in this part of the world drive hybrids and increasingly EVs. You can hardly drive ten miles without seeing a Tesla or Nissan Leaf around here. So you'd think that guys here would be wearing fancy quartz watches, or one of the so-called "smartwatches", or worst, nothing at all and use their smartphone. However, from my own experience attending watch-related events and the small sampling of guests attending this event, I can say that "geeks" here are like most guys who will never loose the passion that comes with listening to a roaring V8 or V12 engine even if their day-to-day ride is electric. So once introduced to real mechanical watches, I'd venture to say that, likewise, guys in the Bay area quickly get what the watch collecting passion is all about and become WIS (watch idiot savant.)

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