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No, it will not fit under the sleeve of a dress shirt unless you move the cuff button. The rubber strap is sized well for the watch at 24mm wide, tapering from 7mm thick down to 3.6 at the ends. There's also a DLC bracelet available, as well as a version in grey.

First, the vital statistics: The Orient Star Retrograde retails for 10, and is available with a white or black dial. It comes fitted on a stainless steel bracelet with deployment clasp, and measures in at 39.5mm with a thickness of 14.25mm. Sapphire crystal is used on both sides, and has an anti-reflective covering on the dial side. The movement is Orient’s in-house 40A50, which has a 40 hour power reserve and provides the energy to operate a three hand timekeeping mechanism, 7-day register with retrograde movement, calendar register, and a power reserve indicator.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Helson
>Model: Shark Diver 40 grey
>Price: 9
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes.
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Normal sized people who want a great dive watch.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Bezel is stiff and slick when under water.
>Best characteristic of watch: Helson style in a size and style for everyday.

LAST CHANCE: LGI Watch Collector Survey + Data Sharing

LAST CHANCE: LGI Watch Collector Survey + Data Sharing

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The Breitling Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow is 45mm wide and is water resistant to 3,000 meters. Not that you'll ever need to dive that deep, but Breitling likes to give you the option (but even James Bond won't be going anywhere close to that depth without being in a machine). This style of watch is quite different than that majority of highly polished steel Breitling watches that you typically see. The all brushed, all black case has a tactical look that when combined with the stencil-style numerals gives the watch a very military/special ops feel. Breitling throws in a hint of yellow for needed style. The design is very satisfying as a fashion or functional object.

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If my French was better I'd ask Christophe what he would do with his life if he'd never discovered watches. What would he make? Where would he apply his talents? Would he still be someone who creates and builds? Would he be a numbers man or a hands-on man? The funny thing is that when I meet watchmakers of his caliber, I have no answers to these questions. These (mostly men) people are so razor honed to being watchmakers I could not guess where alternative lives would have taken them.

This week at SIHH, shadowing Ariel, I finally got to meet some of the people who in large and small ways, have contributed to the wonder that is the Swiss watch industry. Stand on the banks of Lake Geneva and gaze knowingly at the signboards of all the familiar Swiss watch brands adorning every single building around the lake. Meet a couple of watch-makers and watch them excitedly and with much passion, explain the wonderful features of their latest creation. Come to the annual extravagance of SIHH in Geneva or Baselworld and just marvel at what this small country has done in order to claim the title of unrivaled masters of watch-making in the world.

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We choose a few questions each week and publish them. Want to ask the aBlogtoWatch team a question? We want to hear from you »

Top All-American Watch Makers

Top All-American Watch Makers

New Zealand is probably one of the last places in the world that comes to mind when you think of watches. However, this small country, tucked far away in the corner of the world, is home to Magrette Watches. Having reviewed a few of their watches in the past, we are no strangers to Magrette and we especially like their take on affordable and unique watches as well as some of their higher-end offerings sporting quirky-cool Maori art engravings. We now look at their most basic model to-date, an attractive mechanical watch with a price point under 0.

The phenomenon states that in the evolutionary world, a species must adapt to survive in the ever-changing environment surrounding them. They must adapt quickly to keep their position in nature. In the business world, the phenomenon states that in order for a business or product to survive in the market it must “run as fast as it can” to keep up with the competition and with the ever-changing marketplace.

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Typically, this would be the time when someone in my position would thank everyone involved, say it has been amazing, and promise you all sorts of cool stuff for the future. The more I read that stuff the less it sounds sincere. Of course, everyone involved in the site such as our developer, Kristin, who wears many hats, the designers, and the contributing writers are highly valued. And if I need to promise you cool stuff in the future - that basically means I have nothing planned. Instead of all that I am going to open up a little and briefly talk about some of the more difficult to understand elements of running a watch blog that even many of our most dedicated readers might not understand.

The UTTE or Ultra Thin Tourbillon Escapement by Arnold & Son is the new record holder for world’s thinnest tourbillon movement. Their new movements measure a mere 2.97mm, a good 0.53mm or 15% thinner than Piaget’s 600P. The new movement by Arnold & Son also boasts a longer 80 hour power reserve, which is nearly twice that of the 600P. This is one watch we can’t wait to see in the flesh at Basel World.

Turn the Quadruple Tourbillon watch over and it is business as usual for Greubel Forsey watches. The complicated in-house movement is beautifully decorated and designed, employing some of the best finishing practices the high-end horology industry has to offer. The piece contains four tourbillons in two distinct tourbillon structures. Each structure have an outer four minute tourbillon as well as an inner one minute tourbillon (how long it takes for the tourbillon to make a full revolution). You can see that the inner tourbillon is diagonally angled. It is a mesmerizing place of gears and wheels to watch in action - which is really the primary allure of wearing a Greubel Forsey timepiece. With the Secret, it is more about having a personal knowledge of what the watch contains on the inside - and not showing it off to others. How selfish do you need to be to wear this watch?

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First, the details:  The Oceanis features a large 316L stainless case with dimensions of 44mm wide x 14.30mm tall, giving it the substantial wrist presence popular with tool watch buyers.  The watch features a solid case back as well as an anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal that fits ever so slightly above the downward sloping bezel.  The case has a depth rating of 300 meters.

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Now the only question I have is what would happen if he turned his attention to watches? Seeing what he has been able to with clocks, I'm sure that the watches that come from Miki Eleta will certainly be very special.

The dial is ultra legible with a polished black surface and C3 Superluminova luminous markers that glow a bright and long-lasting green. With a date display at 4:30, the Moray 42 offers a very clean dial design, with the only text dedicated to the branding and the 500m water resistance. While not a minimalist design, the Moray family has always subscribed to the "less-is-more" ethos. The sapphire crystal is slightly domed and has an internal anti-reflective treatment, and the Moray is fitted with a screw-down stainless steel case back.

This little flashlight has three modes. First is activated with two presses of the light button and it merely activates the light. It will actually stay on for a full two minutes if you don't press the pusher to manually turn it off before that time. Three presses and the "signal mode" comes on. Here the light flashes quickly like a strobe for two minutes or until manually deactivated. Last is what Swiss Army calls "intense signal model." This is activated using a five second press to the pusher (and deactivated the same way). This function is a slow, yet bright strobe which is meant to act as a signaling or location beacon. I think Swiss Army would have been clever to put these instructions on the rear of the watch case.

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The other day I tweeted that I would rock this watch, and between this and the T2 I'd be hard pressed to choose. The T2 is 41mm, also a reasonable size. I've looked at Sinn frequently over the years, in particular the U1 and U2, but was always deterred by the size in the end. The U200 B just might get my money but Sinn will only be offering them with this neat metallic blue dial until the end of 2013. sinn.de

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aBlogtoWatch first went hands-on with the Legacy Machine No. 1 watch here. The LM1 is a timepiece that is very easy to admire if you are a watch lover. The lines are beautiful, the execution is delicious, and it looks fantastic on the wrist. We don't just say that as MB&F fans (which we are), but from the perspective of someone who might not even like HM timepieces at all. The Legacy Machine collection series does exists completely outside of the rest of the brands' offering. In 2011 MB&F promised that moving forward each year they would stagger the release of a new Horological Machine with a new Legacy Machine. 2012 saw the release of the HM5 (review here), and now in 2013 we see the Legacy Machine No. 2. Is the watch as distinct a timepiece as each new Horological Machine is? Not at all. If anything, the LM2 is a cousin to the LM1 that sits in the same case, was born in the same family, and trades one horological complication for another.

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The dial of the Traveller WW.TC carries a subtle globe pattern, inlaid markers and GP's distinctive date window placement between one and two o'clock (similar to the GP Sea Hawk II). Both models in the Traveller line use an attractive new handset that is classic while still offering space for luminous materials. The Traveller WW.TC measures 44mm wide (up from 43 in previous similar models) and will be available in four versions, a matte black or opaline dial with a steel case, an opaline dial with a titanium case, or an opaline dial with a ceramic bezel and a steel case, with pricing starting at 15,000 CHF, going to 16,000 CHF in a ceramic case. The new case is nice and we appreciate the size, but we sort of miss the extra crown that make the piece unique looking.

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