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Ballouard calls the movement inside the Upside Down Watch the Calibre B01 (which might confuse people with the Breitling watch of the same name). It is manually wound, patented, and has a little quirk in that it can only be adjusted in one direction (due to the complication). The movement has 228 pieces, beats at 21,600 bph, and has a power reserve of about 40 hours.

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Montblanc joins fellow Richemont brand Cartier in offering much of their product range online. The pleasant looking eCommerce site is rather simple and easy to use. Gone is much of the annoying Flash animations and complex UI screens of the past. I am happy that they focused on ergonomics versus some convoluted theatrical eShop platform that might have been expected a few years ago. So check out their eShop if you are interested in Montblanc stuff, here is a direct link to viewing the Montblanc watch collection online.

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On the wrist, this piece looks pleasant; the lugs stick out a little but that should only cause an issue on very small wrists. The dial is very legible and I think it does a good job at taking cues and aesthetics from the two different style genres the design of the 71003 borrows from. I wouldn't call it a sport watch but rather a formal/business casual watch that is unique but conservative at the same time. Price again is in the ,000 range - and is closer to the high-end of what the brand currently offers.

Chaumet Class One XXL Chronograph Watch Available On James List

Chaumet Class One XXL Chronograph Watch Available On James List

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Our watches are tough and reliable, clean and easy to read, top quality, Tool diver watches and are very reasonably priced.

I've been a fan of Christopher Ward for a long time. They were one of the first high-value brands I discovered, and a wonderful introduction to fine watches. It has been a pleasure to watch their style develop and evolve, which is to say that I had a lot of anticipation going when I opened the box for their newest model, the C11 automatic.

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The movement itself is manually wound with about 40 hours of power reserve. I typically prefer not to have manually-wound movements but when combined with a slick power reserve indicator, they can be fun. Just a slight tilt of the wrist and you can see just how much you need to wind the crown to "fill the tank." Having said that, it is often a good idea not to have the mainspring fully wound as this can affect rate results.

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This piece of rare game goes for an awful lot of coin. It has an interesting history, as well, starting out as the Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic Sonnerie watch. When Bulgari engulfed the Gerald Genta brand (head nod to Genta who just passed away), they kept this piece and made a few style changes to the dial and case (very minor), the movement remained the same with the price still hovering around ,000,000. Bulgari also changed the name of the watch from Metasonic to Magsonic and dropped the Arena part of the name.

What I like about this project is that Fonderie 47 isn’t the type of company to make a philanthropic claim that it may only possibly ever be able to fulfill. The entire flow of going into Africa to find and buy guns, as well as destroy them has been considered and planned. They had to do it at least a bit to get machine gun metal for their launch products. I did put John to the test with many probing question and feel pretty confident that the claims of the brand are not mere marketing dribble.

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Coming in 18k white gold or 18k rose gold, my pick is white gold for this watch. Piaget has always been a "tuxedo watch" brand for me, and white gold goes best with the black and white look I feel fits Piaget most splendidly. I also think white gold is more flattering to the larger sized Emperador Coussin (cushion) case. The case is interesting and for me as well as an acquired taste. I wouldn't wear it daily, but out of all the Piaget cases available now, I think the cushion case does frame the wild dial of this timepiece best.

The blued chronograph hand is hard to see in a lot of light, but it does add some color to the dial. There are a lot of mixed feelings on the watch dial. Some people love it, and others wish that Tag Heuer spruced it up a bit more. I tend to fall into the latter camp because I feel that the dial - while attractive - feels too flat for my tastes. Aside from the hands, the entire dial is flat. At this price range and from Tag Heuer watches, I would have expected maybe some applied markers and/or some leveling on the dial.

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• Hours (travel time), minutes and small seconds with flyback function
• Power reserves (indications and movement)
• Pointer-type date display
• 24-hour reference time-zone
• Sphérotourbillon

In this case there are two charities in action, Conservation International and Team Earth. Actually, Team Earth is part of Conservation International (vague name right?). The charity does something environmental. Not really sure what... but perhaps it involves conserving the environment. At least that is where the money goes. My issue with organizations such as this is exactly this problem of vagueness. It is damn hard to understand exactly what they do. There are a lot of feel good messages, pretty colorful pictures with the saturation levels properly upped, and stories about how some village in a place with a jungle now has Pellegrino water.

46.3mm can wear either larger or small, in this case it wears comfortably and does not feel massive. This is not a small watch though. This version of the watch is in titanium with a gray PVD coating over the most brushed metal. Steel is used for parts of the outer bezel as well as Master Compressor style locks on the crown and pushers. Most of the bezel is dark gray matte ceramic with the numerals and markers sharply engraved in its surface. There is an applied steel triangle at the 60 minute marker on the bezel.

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Chronoswiss seems to suggest that the layout of the dial on the movement is meant to evoke an image of a butterfly. I guess that is the case but I don't believe that the butterfly analogy is necessary to justify its looks - it is quite nice enough on its own. The watch dial is solid silver which has been richly engraved with a number of textures and patterns. The look is not overdone at all and the dial is still very legible. You know what else I like? That Chronoswiss made sure to include both the name of the brand and the model on the dial. How many watches can you think of that even have the name of the model included on it anywhere?

No, Han Solo never wore a wrist instrument either. Ford likely wore watches in other roles while he was running from the FBI, or running after someone as the FBI, but it just isn't the same. So what about his personal life? I don't know the guy but I have heard a few things about him as a watch wearer. First of all, for a long time (perhaps even now) Harrison Ford has been a Rolex man. That makes sense especially since he gained fame in the late 1970s into the 1980s.

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I've always liked the contrast of this bezel and the polished case and claws. That is done well. Romain Jerome's current CEO Manuel Emch has been taking what he likes from the brand's personality vault and polishing it up. Right now I enjoy that Romain Jerome is focusing on mechanically more simple watches and stressing their design 'DNA.' In a sense it is a test to see which models prevail in popularity a few years from now. Those models will likely get more complex treatments then. The watch industry of 2010-2012 isn't likely to be too much about experimentation.

RedSea Six Pounder Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews For example, the luminant on their watches comes from Ohio-based LUM-TEC - who makes "MDV" lume. Right now RedSea has two watch models called the Holystone and Six Pounder - so here is my review of the latter.

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The trio drew influence from things they had seen in Mexico and chose to focus on ancient Mayan culture. Of the most provocative elements of ancient Mayan culture is their calendar and view of how the world began (and will end). All that was just too cool for the bored young men so they decided to make the watch in honor of Kukulkan - the feathered snake (guy) of Mayan lore.

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