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Sometimes you just want a good reptile skinned watch, but they can be so hard to find. Why? Well us Americans get kind of bent out of shape about it. Yes, I am all for Animal rights. Frankly I would put Animals above humans in many regards, but when it comes to animals that are raised, just to be killed for their "parts," sure it is cruel, but it is not really damaging to the environment. It would be different if you had guys going out into the jungle to kill pythons just for their skin. That would be bad, really bad. But when you farm the creatures for it? Well then if you are against that, then you are against eating chickens (cause they are raised just to be killed too).  I am now expecting a slew of angry e-mails and comments. Proceed please, I did put myself out there with the "I love sweet, sweet animal skins" commentary.

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Each painting is on a sapphire crystal which is also the watch dial. On top of the hands, another sapphire crystal is applied. The steel watch cases are 42mm wide and inside the watches is an automatic movement. This collection features a traditionally laid out three-hand watch dial, while other Eglomisé painted watches by Angular Momentum feature their hour disc system. These watches also have diamond settings on the bezel and lugs, but also come without such decoration I am sure. I like the added spectacle of the jewels though. The style of painting yields a very clear image that will not fade, and is so very detailed. The artists responsible for the work are experienced masters indeed.

I recall first learning about the Orient Diver Automatic Ref. CFD0C001B watch a while ago on a Japanese watch website. I didn't know anything about the brand, but was impressed by the solid looking diver watch that seemed to have a lot of what people like in a diver. I compared it with high-end diver watches from Seiko, and it looked to be a competent contender. Still, I didn't know about the brand, and it was too expensive at almost ,000 to trying it out without having experienced it. Flash forward to today, when Orient has officially entered the US market, and the watches are no longer "not in US exotics." I finally got my hands on Orient's current flagship diving watch, and have a lot of good things to say about it.

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To Switzerland For SIHH and GTE 2010

To Switzerland For SIHH and GTE 2010

See Bulgari, Gerald Genta, and Daniel Roth watches on eBay here.Bulgari's Bold Move To Integrate With Daniel Roth & Gerald Genta Watch Industry News

Bulgari's Bold Move To Integrate With Daniel Roth & Gerald Genta Watch Industry News
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Bulgari's Bold Move To Integrate With Daniel Roth & Gerald Genta Watch Industry News
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Bulgari's Bold Move To Integrate With Daniel Roth & Gerald Genta Watch Industry News
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Bulgari's Bold Move To Integrate With Daniel Roth & Gerald Genta Watch Industry News
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Bulgari's Bold Move To Integrate With Daniel Roth & Gerald Genta Watch Industry News
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Bulgari's Bold Move To Integrate With Daniel Roth & Gerald Genta Watch Industry News
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Now on to the watch. First, the Egyptian theme of the Horus brand is clear. The name, the bird, the inexplicable need for a pharaoh's fortune to own the watch. I love Egyptiany stuff, so I am glad to see it being applied when possible. The Ultramarinum watches are custom ordered and the dial is design after the instrument panel of the world's older steam boat (full steam ahead!) This boat is the Monaco based SS Delphine, which is coincidentally the ship on which Horus launched the Ultramarinum watch. The case of the watch is in a unique shape that reminds me of those coin operated telescope stands they have at certain public places with a view. Also like older style parking meters. Right? I like the look though as refined and adapted into a watch case. Horus is the only brand that uses compressed carbon in their cases, but this is not an element of this particular watch (that is used in their "Dualis" watch) . Instead, the Horus Ultramarinum has lots of grade 5 titanium. The watch looks gold though. So I am not sure if this is a different model or perhaps a PVD application or gold plating. The case is 48mm wide at its widest point and 54mm tall. The dial clearly is made mostly of a small plank of wood. Nicely done in fact.

The Izul was awesome to behold and is in all titanium. One of the versions might be in steel, though I am not sure. The dial was based on hand held stopwatches, but you could see the similarity to the Speedmaster Moonwatch. In fact, the dial design is sort of important to Japanese people. It is based on a series of stop watches made my Seiko for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. That was the not only the first Olympics in Japan, but the first in all of Asia as I understand it. October 12th is a national holiday celebrating this fact.

The case is large at 53mm wide and 58mm tall. Almost too massive to wear, but not quite. Wear the watch around and frighted children a bit if you please. The case is made from mostly titanium, and obviously sculpted in a less than ordinary manner. The large image at the lower part of the case around the face is the logo for the Confrerie Horlogere - the shield with an arrow through it. Is that supposed to represent breaking through one's defenses? Or maybe defying conventions? The case is, interesting to say the least. It is art, pure and simple. Nothing functional about it - the watch is an artistic message. You can't deny art as being art - you can try to deny a watch being a watch. This item does tell the time, it does strap to your wrist, and it does have a mechanical movement. Still, my brain is having a hard time adjusting to the idea that what I am looking at is a watch.

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For more information see smaller articles on this case (in French) at these two places on Business Montres and World Tempus. Plus the appeals court decision PDF via World Tempus.

Court Orders F.P. Journe To Pay Jaquet Droz Legal Costs In Lost Case Over Intellectual Property Rights Watch Industry News
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Court Orders F.P. Journe To Pay Jaquet Droz Legal Costs In Lost Case Over Intellectual Property Rights Watch Industry News
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The bottom line is that iPhone applications are made in the hope that they will get people to buy watches in one way or another. Watch companies like to be where eyes are. With the millions of iPhones out there, and the over 80,000 (and counting) existing iPhone apps, it makes sense for them to want to vie for some of that action. So allow me to answer a few of the main items that are relevant and that the IC-Agency suggests are important. I further encourage you all to comment and add to my thoughts. Also, although this discussion is focused on the iPhone, I am going to use the term "mobile phone app" as much as possible. Mobile phone apps are here to stay, aren't just for the iPhone. Blackberry, Palm (for the Pre), Google Android, and Window Mobile all have downloadable application stores accessible via phone that have free and paid applications. These devices should not be ignored as they will quickly gain traction.

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Each year Wristwatch Annual compiles a tome of excellent information for watch lovers both fresh and mature. While it is impossible to include every brand and every model, the guide contains most of what is out there with new and important models from each of the brands. Not only that but there are beautiful images of the watches and movements, technical specs that even a novice can understand, and a new type of visual glossary - where I even learned a few things myself. One of the most important aspects of the guide is that it has prices whenever possible (which is most of the time). The collection of information requires a ton of work by those responsible for putting it together, and nothing else out there like it exists.

DWATCH is a newer watch maker that has a few cool diver's watches that I've seen here and there, but didn't think muc of them until now.  I finally saw some real images of one taken by a WatchUSeek member as getting one himself. The watch is surprisingly nice, and for 0, is a fair price for what is bound to be a very rare limited edition watch that is 1000 meters water resistant. It sort of exudes classic diver watch - even the name of the brand "DWATCH" is so generic that it just adds to tool nature of the timepiece. It is one of those perfect watches for people who like the watch to speak for itself - without help from a brand name.

The Red Cell watch case itself is in steel and 45mm wide (without the crown). The Red Cell Silver version has a nicely made brushed steel case, while the Red Cell Black is coated with the highly scratch resistant DLC (diamond like carbon) coating. While not written, the case is water resistant to 200 meters. The watch has a large easy to operate and grasp crown. I would have liked the crown to have a logo on it, but it does not. That is the watch lover in me talking. I am the reminded that the military likes "sterile" products, that have no branding. There is the star-like logo on the dial, and only on the rear of the watch does it indicate "Rogue Warrior." The design of the case is modern and technical, not to mention very cool looking. You can tell that it is cut finely, and polished well - especially for the price. Rogue Warrior Watches also did a good job making the watch design fit well with the look and feel of other equipment a special forces soldier might be carrying. The idea is also to evoke a degree of envy in a rank and file soldier who sees a highly trained colleague with the cool watch.

I see the choice of having two styles for each model interesting. It is as though Boucheron watches a crazy seconds watch, and a crazier seconds watch. The choice seems simple. The designers originally had a serious vision with a whole scene for the dial. Someone decided that the "scene" approach was too much, so there was a more sober model crafted for a more practical daily wear. The models with the dial design flowing onto the bezel captures the character and the environment. You can consider it one of those metaphors about being "outside of the box," but it is really a way of imbuing the most amount of character into the watch collection - the passion of the designer showing through. All made possible by the land of luxury where these things can be done because price is much less of an issue.

eBay is my default place to go for just about anything - especially watches. While eBay isn't liked going to have the particular watches from the above special retailers, it is going to have over 300,000 watches with great deals available for whatever, or whoever you are looking for. Use their search tools to find out exactly what you need, and get it in minutes. Need suggestions? Use the tools there and try searching for women's watch under 0 from sellers located in North America (I most always use this last option for quick shipping situations). How about vintage gold watches under ,000? You can search for more than one item at a time, but using a "search in the alternative" query like this for example, "watch (swatch, tissot, omega)." That will have eBay look for either items with "swatch, tissot, or omega" and the term "watch" in it. eBay can easily supplement your holiday watch purchase needs, or be your one stop shop - especially if you know what you want.

Cargo will feature a few Fortis watches in the movie, but these two limited edition ones are the most interesting and have the name of the movie in them! The more basic watch is the Fortis Cargo Limited Edition Spacematic. It comes in a limited edition of just 2012 pieces and has the title of the movie right on the dial. The watch is in sandblasted steel and 40mm wide. Movement is a Swiss automatic, and probably the ETA 2836. It has a sapphire crystal, rubber strap and 200 meters of water resistance. The revolving Arabic numerals are large, and Fortis here is at their best when it comes to that black/white high contrast dial look that makes them easy to read. An attractive watch fit for a spaceship crew member.

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The stye of the lugs represents Angular Momentum's new Time Gallery style case, and looks interesting on a dive watch. Really helps add heft to the case which slightly reminds me of those popular large Russian style diver watches. Adding to the tool-like composure of the watch is the brand and bezel retaining screw. The crown of the watch is meant to look like a valve release - nightly reminiscent of dive tools. It is steel and coated in something called lemon gold for the brass tone. Makes me think of plumbing. You then have a round screw on the bezel which is used to secure the bezel down and prevent accidental turning. Both this screw and crown have intentionally been created in a larger than life size to help emphasize the tool like nature of the watch.

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